This report analyzes long-term trends in the abundance of 24 species surveyed by park staff and volunteers from 1992 through 2018. It also analyses trends for three shorter time periods defined by significant perturbations to the upper Wakulla River ecosystem: (1) invasion of the exotic hydrilla spurred by excess nitrogen in the spring (1992-2000), (2) the hydrilla management period (2000-2012) when mechanical harvesting and herbicides were used to combat the invasive exotic plant, and (3) the post-hydrilla management period (2012-2018) following the cessation of herbicide treatment in 2013. READ MORE...

Hard work and dedication has its rewards.

Last Thursday the Northwest Florida Water Management District presented the Wakulla Springs Alliance (a citizens organization) with its Springs Champion Award for their on going efforts in protecting Florida springs and especially for their work at Wakulla Spring. WSA Board members Sean McGlynn and Cal Jamison were there to receive the award. Congratulations to Wakulla Springs Alliance!

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